Hiking in the
and be enchanted

Hiking in the Dolomites

The Italian Dolomites

a most wonderful and mysterious place: rugged peaks and pinnacles that reach high into the sky with valleys deep below, sheer endless trails that definitely do point the way to heaven. A place full of history and legends, sights and sighs, joy and exertion.




Guided hiking tours in the Dolomites

Even for the locals, being up there is breathtakingly beautiful. Around every corner the looks of the walls and faces of these mountains are different every time round. It’s a never ending delight to hike across green pastures, through the midst of blossoming flowers, or dry, impressive slopes full of crushed rock with a faint trail leading up to the next shoulder: who knows what you can expect behind it? A trekking holiday in the Italian Dolomites is an adventure you'll never be able to forget.



Get carried away by the sights, by the possibilities of taking in one of the most impressive mountain landscapes in the world, by the energy that you will experience when you’re in the midst of the trails.

But be careful: if you like mountains, trekking and hiking, you’ll find the Dolomites addictive. So, why don’t you go and get a taste of it and see some of it on this delightful video. Hiking the Dolomites: the best way to clear your mind.


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