here are various possibilities to get to the Dolomites.

By car:
You can access the Dolomites from various directions:
•    from Austria via Brenner-Pass (north) or Lienz (north-east).
•    from Switzerland via Reschen-Pass (north-west).
•    from the south via Verona, Milano etc.
•    from the southeast via Venezia

There are two major airports nearby: Verona (I) or Innsbruck (A).

Moving around:
•    By public transport:
Depending on which area and time of the year you wish to travel around in the Dolomites, there is a good chance that you are able to get around by public transport. Check on But please be carefull using this tool: it works only if you use German names for the villages and cities. Another thing to consider: public transport outside the Province of Bolzano is less developed!!!

•    By private car:
A car is the easiest and fastest way to move around in the Dolomites.

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