Tour 1: 4-days World Heritage Dolomites


You can hike the Dolomites  - or you can truely experience them

You can see the mountains  - or you can gain a better view of what the area is all about

This hiking-program is more than just stepping over rocks – it is getting to know an area very intensily


Joining-in is more than just hiking – it is getting familiar with a most wonderful place of our earth and bringing back home more than just photos


It is not the hikes that’ll make you familiar with these mountains, it will be the stories and information that I will be providing you with while we are hiking. We will be extensively talking about many subjects closely related to the Dolomites such as:

-geology (incl. why this area has such an international geological importance)

-„discovery“ of the Dolomite – Deodat de Dolomieu and the hydrochloric acid test

-development of tourism in the Dolomites

-peoples of the Dolomites – languages, cultures, development of the population since 8.000 BC

-WW I and WW II in the Dolomites – the saddest part of our history, and the answer to our bilingualism

-UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites: why - and what is it all about

-South Tyrol: the stony trail to a model-autonomy



Day 1:

Our first day, and we’ll take it easy to start off with. We meet in Corvara and intend to hike to Passo Valparola. To start we’ll catch the gondola to Col Alto where our hike begins. Along a rather panoramic trail, that initially follows a dirt-road, we enjoy most stunning and extensive views to the nearby mountain-peaks: Sella, Puez, Heiligkreuzkofel, Lavarella, Lagazuoi, the Tofane and Marmolada. We follow the ridge oft he mountain and arrive eventually at the western end of Setsas until weg et to Biv. Sief. Here we are just below Col di Lana, a mouintain that the Italians blew up in WWI claiming many lifes amongst the Austro-Hungarian soldiers that were stationed up there. Later we arrive at Passo di Valparola where we either catch a bus back to your hotel or we visit a very interesting museum about WWI in that area.

Hiking accross these smooth, beautifully rolling pastures - with top views everywhere

Day 2:

We meet on Grödner Joch (Passo Gardena) and hike to Crespeina-Scharte (Forc. de Crespeina) and on to Campei-Scharte (Forc. de Ciampei). We will decend from there to hike to Pradat-Hütte (Ütia Col Pradat) from where we descend to the village of Kolfuschg (Colfosco).

We have arrived on Crespeina-Sattel - Sass da Ciampac in the background

Day 3:

Today we’ll explore the southern parts of Fanes. For that purpose we meet on Falzarego Pass (Passo Falzarego) where we use the cable car to get us to the top of Lagazuoi. On our way down from Lagazuoi we will get passed many locations of WWI-action that were transformed into an open-air-museum below Lagazuoi. On Lagazuoi-Sattel (Forc. Lagazuoi) we head for Fanes-Sattes (Forc. dl Lech) which is a bit strenuous to ascend. We descend on the other side again and get tot he main trail later on where we turn south towards Capanna Alpina. Those, who don’t feel like ascending Forc. dl Lech can take the short cut to Capanna Alpina. We either wait fort he second group there or catch a bus from the main road near Capanna Alpina.


A section of one of the WWI-trenches below Lagazuoi

Day 4:

Since it’s located rather suitable we go and hike to Senes today. Therefore we meet at Pederü from where we ascend a rather steep and very windy road. We pass Fodara Vedla where we see the first interesting ensemble of old, very typical farmers-huts used to mind the cattle during summer. We move on and arrive at Senes-hut, the second location of an ensemble of farmers-huts. From there we hike to Senes-Alm-Hütte where we leave the normal trail and use an old trail to get us back to Pederü.


Fodara Vedla with the typical ensemble of small farm-huts .....


   .... and the same on Senes




3.7. – 6.7.2017

17.7. – 20.7.2017

14.8. – 17.8.2017

28.8. – 31.8.2017



220€ per person for all 4 days of guided hiking

Not included:

-costs for your individual transport-needs (busses, cable-cars, gondolas, chair-lifts, etc.)

-food and beverages during the hikes

 Number of participants:

Minimum participants: 4

Maximum Participants: 9-10


the hikes are technically not difficult. However, you need to be physically fit. Being out in the mountains you are far away from any assistance or transportation. So you need to be prepared to push yourself sometimes.


We hike around 5-6hrs, additionally we take time for lunch and breaks during which I will be providing you with some information about the Dolomites.



Once you have sent me a mail of your participation I will be able to help you with finding a suitable place for your stay (YOU MUST BOOK YOUR OWN HOTEL, THE PRICE OF YOUR HOTEL IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE HIKING-FEE). Furthermore, I will be issuing you with details of the bus-timetable so you know where and when you have to catch the bus to the meeting points and when you’ll have a bus to get you back to your hotel. Prior to our first hike all participants can take part at a meeting to discuss all relevant matters oft he hikes.

Note: it is advisable to arrange later dinnertimes in your hotel when needed



Tour 2: Hiking – Drumming – Meditation (men only!)


 Initiated men meet for hiking, drumming and meditation in the mystical mountains of the Dolomites.


Spending time in the Dolomite Mountains can be a fulfilling time, especially if you choose a meditative way, a way where you allow yourself being guided by  - and concentrate yourself on - the powers, energies and spirits of all that lives and ever lived in the Dolomites: wild men and wild women, gnomes and giants, witches and wizards. Parts of our hikes will be in complete silence, others will be without any eye contact at all in order to give you the opportunity to keep completely to yourself. That way we will be able to hike in humbleness and with complete attentiveness.


And on our hikes we will sit down to beat our drums, and before we beat these drums we invite all that there is and there was to join in: our ancestors, the seasons, the four elements earth, water, fire and air, the cardinal direction, the forces of all autochthonous people of our world. All and everything is there and watches and protects you hiking thru these breathtaking mountains, allows you to meditate and listens to the rhythmical beat of our shamanic drum.

If you share the spirit and thoughts of Richard Rohr, Gregory Campbell and other initiated men, then you fit in perfectly into this group.


We spend 4 days in mystical Fanes in the northern Dolomites where we hike, meditate and beat our drums.


10.7. - 13.7.2017

8.8. – 11.8.2017

11.9. - 14.9.2017

Price: 640€ per person (incl. 290€ hiking fee)
Price incl.: 
-4 days guiding fee

-3 standard breakfasts as provided in the huts, with tea or caffee
-3 standard 2-course-dinners excl. drinks
as provided in the huts
-group accommodation
-Minimum no. of participants: 4, max. number of participants: 8



Not included: fares for busses and chairlifts/gondolas



And of course there are always these individually guided hikes available. By the way: hiring a hiking-guide is the best way to experience the Dolomites.





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