Caution while hiking in the Italian Dolomites

1. however beautiful the Italian Dolomites may appear to you, they are no Disneyland. Every year heat, exertion, overestimation, bad judgement and dangerous terrain are the cause for many bad injuries, some with even worse outcomes. Only rarely are those, who get injured, locals.

2. weather forecasts are reasonably accurate, so please pay attention to them. Otherwise, rapid changes of weather conditions accompanied by unpredictable falls in temperature could turn a lovely hike into a disaster. Listen to your guide or to the locals and avoid hikes during unstable weather conditions. Never forget: the Dolomites in Italy are a rather high region in central Europe (up to 10.000 feet). Even if it’s normally warm and dry during summer, in the Dolomites every day is good enough for a rain or - worse still - a snowfall. Although in summer snowfalls rarely occur unforeseen you must take this possibility into consideration when you plan your hike.

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