Essential Hiking Equipment and gear

To move around in the Dolomites in Italy you will at least need:
•    hiking boots (good quality has its price, but it always pays)
•    proper socks
•    stable backpack (30-40l) with weatherproof cover
•    weatherproof jacket (and pants)
•    2 t-shirts
•    warm jumper
•    hiking trousers or -pants
•    hat (in this altitude the sun can be merciless at times)
•    sun lotion for high altitude
•    2-3l of water a day (in the rugged Italian Dolomites you do not alwasy find water)
•    food
•    chocolate-bar
•    first aid kit
•    pocket knife
•    small torch
•    light gloves for a cold snap that may suddenly come
•    maps
•    compass
•    whistle
•    it is always advisable to take a warm cap and thin gloves along, if there is a bad weather spill it can snow in the Dolomites any time of the year.


I always put my dry clothes in a plastic bag, so if my backpack does get wet from one reason or another my clothes stay dry.

Since you do get rather swetty or sometimes wet from the rain it is advisable to get clothes that do dry quickly. That way you sometimes can rinse your sweaty clothes at the huts and stand a chance to slip into dry gear the next morning. There are two drawbacks with that kind of quickly drying clothes: they have a price (but the feel great on the skin!!!!), and they do get smelly if you keep them on for more than 1-2 days. 

It's never a bad idea to take a bivouac-sack along


For your overnight-hikes you also need at least:
•    linen sleeping bag (no thermal sleeping bag)
•    shoes or slippers to use in the hut
•    track-suit to use in the hut
•    extra underwear and t-shirts
•    hygienic utensils and towel

Make sure your gear is in excellent condition. Anything that breaks might not be repairable during your hike.

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