Alpine huts (ital.: rifugio) in the Dolomites in Italy

The huts in the Italian Dolomites are mainly in good condition. For hygienic reasons however it is always necessary to bring a linen sleeping bag linen with you. Only some huts provide bed linen. Also, hut-operators won’t allow you to wear boots in the rooms, so bring some waterproof slippers along with your gear.

The food is normally really great; prices are however just a little higher than in the valley due to transport costs – and, as it seems, sometimes due to the fantastic view too. It is very expensive to purchase your daily ration for food and drinks there.

If you plan to stay overnight, you must book your stay well in advance. The huts are very popular and it can happen that a hut is booked out by the time you arrive.



There are also plenty of huts where you can stay overnight for a couple of days in a row and do some hiking during the day in the surrounding mountains, i.e. the Fanes Hut (hikes to the Heiligkreuzkofel, Antonius Spitze, Col Becchei, Monte Ciaval, Lavarella Spitze, Valon Bianco, Fanes Alm, etc.)

And – of course – there are countless of other possibilities ….


Opening hours:

In summer most huts open in the middle of June. All huts remain open until the middle of September. About 15% of the huts close around September 15. Then, huts close successively between end of September and end of October. Only very few stay open all year round.

During winter many huts are open December-February/March.

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