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So, whether we want it or not, we need to get ready for winter. It’s been cooler the last couple of weeks, and we got our first heavier fall of snow some four weeks ago. It lasted long, although by now it retreated quite a bit.


We did some private hikes (the guiding-season is well and truly over by now) in spite of the snow, but since we left the snow plenty of time to settle and since it snowed only about 20-30cm this snow caused no real problem yet. We even left the snowshoes at home and enjoyed a hike through the most innocent kind of snow one could wish for: pure and completely untarnished.


I love this freshly fallen snow; it gives the mountains and the countryside such a calm appearance. But don’t let yourself be fooled: immediately after the snowfall or 10cm more of it and it could have been outrightly dangerous in steeper terrain.



Last weekend we hiked outside the Dolomites, just south of the Austrian border, and due to the snow, we were the only ones around. Fantastic feeling being around on our own – the world belongs to you. You become very much aware how you merge with nature, how one becomes an elementary part of it.


The mountains around us looked rather dramatic, and they were rather high too. We got a good view of Hochfeiler, the highest peak of the Zillertaler Alpen – 3510m.


On the way down we got snowgrouses before our cameras, can you see them? They’ve already changed their appearance changing their feathers from brownish gray to snowy white. Interestingly enough, they aren’t too shy – looks like they consider themselves completely camouflaged. Not for our eyes J. It took a while before they thought we got to noisy.


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