What's the advantage of hiring a local hiking guide

Hiring an experienced local hiking guide means you can concentrate on your holiday instead of worrying about its organisation. Finding an itinerary, contacting the huts and organising transport can be rather time-consuming, especially if you don't have any maps to your disposition. Hiring my guiding-services includes assistance in many ways such as:

·                how to get into the Dolomites

·                how to choose the most convenient village to stay in to see and do all those things you want to

·                how to find and book your accommodation in a village or on a hut

·                what to do with all your luggage while you’re doing a hut-to-hut-hike

·                advice on an emergency recovery insurance for you and/or your family

·                how to get around in the Dolomites

·                how to book an english mountain guide should you wish to try yourself on a via ferrata

·                how to get your itinerary together

·                where are the trail heads and how do you get there

·                where are the hikes with the least number of hikers

·                where are the special places that only the locals know of

·                what are the options in case of bad weather

·                etc.

And once we’re on the trail I won’t bore you with my silence ;-) . There’s so much to tell you about the Dolomites and South Tyrol. If you want to and if you are interested to find out, I am happy to inform you about:

·                what makes this area so special to be included on the UNESCO World Natural Heritage List

·                how did the Dolomites evolve geologically

·                the flora and fauna of the Dolomites

·                the legends and myths of the Dolomites

·                World-War I in the Dolomites

·                South Tyrol and the German language: why do we mainly use the German language in this area of Italy – the political developments in South Tyrol since WW-I

·                the Dolomites and the people of the Ladinish culture: the third language, and even more cultural diversity in a small country

·                South Tyrol today: autonomy, economy, social issues

·                etc.


Hiking safely in the Italian Dolomites

When you are finally on your way it is always helpful to have somebody with you who knows the local area and conditions. As I said, on the one side you do get background information, and on the other side you have somebody with you, who takes care for all your organisational needs, and finally for your safety.

The most important factor of course is the weather. If you do have a good guide with you he knows the forecast well, so he knows how to implement this information into the itinerary. And – if worst comes to worst - you must know your safety door out of the mountains, and from there you must find a way back into your accommodation. To have somebody with you who speaks the language and knows his way around is surely helpful.
So all up, if you hire a local hiking guide you definitely do get more out of your holiday.

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