Your local English language hiking guide in the Dolomites

Hi, I’m Gerd, and I'm a local hiking-guide with specific guiding-qualifications on the subject of the Dolomites World Heritage. Originally I am an Austrian national, but I have been living in the small village of St. Lorenzen on the northern edge of the Dolomites for the last decades. My mother tongue is German, but I do also speak Italian (you may need that in the Dolomites in Italy although the main language spoken in the northern part of the Dolomites is German – see also "Brief historical background").

Although year-in, year-out I spend most of my spare time in the mountains I never stopped planning my hikes carefully, in particular in the winter time. Hiking mainly off the beaten track when I’m on my own, I try to find peace and energy far away from the crowds. However, when I do go hiking with guests or even groups it is safer to stay on the trails.


Dolomites World Heritage hiking-guide

In 2016 I took part in a further training course about the Dolomite World Heritage Site. The course lasted more than 90 hours and included the following themes:

- geological formation and development of the Dolomites

-„discovery“ of the Dolomites and nomenclature of mountains and landscape

-why is this area an UNESCO World Heritage site: criterions and mission

 -the development of the population and the culture of the Ladins, the people who live in the Dolomites

-the development of tourism and alpinism in the Dolomites

-World War I & II: the sad periods of these mountains

-Myths and mythology


The information and knowledge gained in such a course means that you as my guest will have the advantage to gain a lot of background information about this area that other hikers will simply not have access to. So hiring my services is not only about hiring a hiking-guide, there is an additional benefit to you. One thing is certain: the Dolomites are more than just a pritty landscape: if you are interested you can take home with you a wealth of impressions about what this entire area is all about.


Via Ferratas

In my spare time I do rock climbing as well as testing my skills on the countless Via Ferratas. If you choose to go on a Via Ferrata, I can assist you in finding a competent English speaking local mountain guide, or recommend some Ferratas to try on your own. Mind you: to go on Ferratas you need – apart from other things - a lot of experience and stamina – and at times a lot of gut.

Oh, I nearly forgot: I spent 11 years in Australia a fair while ago, so rest assured that you’ll have a local hiking guide who speaks your language fluently. If you would like to take a hiking tour with me in the Dolomites in Italy, just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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